Important Team Links

Absence Form

For an absence to count as an excused absence, you must fill out this form at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting you will be missing with a valid excuse. Certain exceptions to the 24 hour rule may be made in cases of extreme illness or other emergencies.

Link: Absence Form

Anonymous Feedback Form

Please use this form to provide any feedback to the team. All responses will be recorded anonymously.

Link: Anonymous Feedback Form

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Please use this NDA for any communications with professionals outside of DEBUT. This Agreement ensures that our ideas are protected when consulting with anyone outside of our organization.

Team Google Drive

This is the link to our team Google Drive. You can use this link if you cannot find the link to the folder or need a quick way to get to the Drive.

Link: Team Google Drive

Team Representatives Contact Information

Fall 2019 Team Representatives

Nina Velasco:

Aashna Kaur: