Analyst Positions

Research and Development

R&D analyst

Research & Development analysts are the primary individuals working on project brainstorming and development. They focus on analyzing gaps in biomedical innovation and technology to generate ideas during each project cycle. After selecting a project idea, R&D analysts work with CAD (and other computer-aided design programs) before moving on to working in a variety of available lab spaces (including the rapid-prototyping lab and the machine shop) to develop and test the project.

Economic Analysis

EcON Analyst

Economic analysts work alongside R&D analysts to bring each project to life. Economic analysts are responsible for conducting patent searches to assess the uniqueness of the project and researching regulations on similar devices to evaluate the eventual regulatory pathways. Econ analysts also generate a general market impact analysis and specific per-unit cost analysis to determine overall manufacturing costs. They also take point on writing and editing the final competition submission report.


Ops analyst

Operations analysts work on overall team operations to ensure the efficiency and continued operations of our team. They work primarily on negotiating and maintaining the budget, including fundraising, to finance projects and ensure sufficient funds to purchase all materials. Ops analysts also work on professional, corporate, and on-campus outreach, including recruitment and sponsorship efforts.